Interview: Innovating Leadership, Co-creating Our Future By VoiceAmerica- Women & Leadership with Maureen Metcalf

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In July, the 4th Women and Leadership conference brought together over 200 participants including teachers, scholars, researchers, students, consultants and coaches, gathered from over 14 countries and seven US states.

This community of like-minded women and some men, young and old, spent three days discussing, debating, and reflecting on ways in which women’s leadership potential can be developed, energized and liberated for the ‘greater good’. It was the ideal platform for sharing depth of knowledge, perspectives, ideas and good practices, building professional and academic connections with common values under the unifying belief that women in leadership positions matter.

For conferences of this nature, one of the measures of impact is the ability of the conference to generate conversations and deliberations long after the event has passed. Usually when this happens, it indicates that the themes discussed at the conference are relevant and timely.

As such, the aftermath of this amazing conference led me to Maureen Metcalf, the host of VoiceAmerica’s Innovating Leadership, Co-creating Our Future talk show. The show features interviews with global business executives, thought leaders and academics in a wide range of industries. They discuss their most pressing issues and the innovative approaches they have employed to transform their challenges into opportunities and advantages.

Building on some of the vital conversations that were held at the ILA conference, we discussed in detail the challenges, experiences and opportunities unique to women in leadership as I shared insights from my personal journey over the 40+ years of my career working in diverse sectors.

Listen to the interview here:

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