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Mustard is an Africa-focused venture agency on a mission to build better products, better brands and better perceptions for Africa.

Mustard’s work centres on identifying visionary, veteran and influential individuals with compelling ideas, and being a hands-on presence, from the very start, in turning them into Africa-focused ventures. This is driven by a belief that “Africa’s future image will be largely shaped by the brands it is able to produce, and their ability to attract and move global audiences”. To this end, Mustard is working to build ventures and brands that portray new African narratives, with founders and investors who share their belief.

The team at Mustard is composed of engineers, designers, storytellers and investors, and led by the founder partner, Ndubuisi Kejeh.

You can listen to members of the Mustard team speak about their philosophy, mission and work on their podcast  “Pass the Mustard”. Episodes are available here.

Explore the ventures and brands – from initiatives to startups – that Mustard has built, by employing their expertise to consolidate ideas, create narratives, engineer products, and execute campaigns.

Ndubuisi reached out to me in June 2021 to share Mustard’s unique approach to developing Africa-focused ventures. I am happy to be part of the team at Mustard as a Narrative Adviser, supporting their vision to change perceptions of Africa. I will be joined by an amazing team of advisers: Eunice Chou as Venture Adviser, Dudu Sarr as Talent Adviser, and Chris Williamson as Strategy Adviser.

For further information about Mustard, visit their website, and follow them on social media – @onlybymustard.

About Parminder Vir OBE

In a professional career spanning 40 years, Parminder Vir OBE has dedicated her life to telling untold stories, resourcing the skills and imagination of under-served communities. She is an expert on African entrepreneurship, an award-winning film and television producer and advocate for arts and culture. She currently serves as the Chair of Ongoza, Kenya, an Advisory Board member of Dalberg Media, and Narrative Adviser at Mustard Venture Agency. She served as the CEO of the Tony Elumelu Foundation where she designed and implemented a holistic entrepreneurship programme, impacting over 10,000 African entrepreneurs across 54 African countries from 2014–2019. She continues to advocate for entrepreneurship as the best path for the social and economic development of Africa.

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