October 18, 2022
Black and white picture of the author and the late singer


My tribute to Lata Mangeshkar, Indian singer and cultural icon who died in February 2022.
November 6, 2022
Black and white picture of Mavis Nduchwa, with her left hand on her chin

IN MEMORY OF MAVIS NDUCHWA (August 1982 – August 2021)

A tribute to Botswanan businesswoman Mavis Nduchwa a year since her passing.
November 6, 2022

Remembering Biyi Bandele: So Many Talents and Achievements

My tribute to Biyi Bandele, the multitalented creative writer, director, photographer and mentor who passed away on 7th August 2022. My friend since the late 1990s, Biyi was a passionate storyteller, a wonderful, generous, open, warm human being. He devoted his life to telling powerful African stories, from the inside, made in Africa, with Africans for the world to engage with the new emerging creative Africa. His passing is a monumental loss, not only to Nigeria but to Africa and the world. Photo Credit: Photo by Kola Akinsolugba via Biyi Bandele on Instagram.