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In 2017, at the Tony Elumelu Foundation, we launched the TEF Audio Stories – a series of podcasts focused on peer to peer knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs with first-hand experience of running their businesses across the African continent. Each week, I interviewed 2-4 entrepreneurs on different topics ranging from a day in the life of top entrepreneurs, investment, hiring, mentoring, funding and much more. In this series of posts, I invite you to listen and learn from these audio stories and transform your business.

In the world of business today, the importance of leadership cannot be overemphasized. Whether it pertains to keeping a business on track with its vision and mission, inspiring morale among staff members, ensuring adequate communication, encouraging continuous learning or making necessary resources and support available; the responsibility falls on the leaders of the business to make these and many more are taken care of.

On this podcast, Leading Your Team To Success, I speak to three dynamic entrepreneurs about their businesses, their experiences while putting their teams together as well as the challenges and opportunities that they encountered while leading their team.

Meet The Entrepreneurs

Valerio O. Thompson Boco has nurtured a burning desire to impart knowledge in the next generation for many years. From his humble beginnings in Equatorial Guinea where he trained teenagers in his neighbourhood on the weekends for free, he has gone on to establish his own educational startup social enterprise known as CPEVS Training Institute.

Chinyere Okpara is the founder of Dizly Imprint, a professional footwear manufacturing company based in Lagos, Nigeria. They offer ready-made and custom made male and female shoes. Chinyere expresses a passion for “plus sizes” as these are difficult to come by in the open market. 

Gospotainment Media is a faith based PR/Media firm based in Nigeria established by Martins Okonkwo. They are focused on promoting, distributing and broadcasting gospel music and Christian entertainment in Africa. To do this, they run a gospel music and inspirational entertainment news/music promotions website. Cannot find picture of him. I suggest you search the contributors and share images of them. I will then look through pictures on my mobile and share them.

Listen to the podcast here:

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